laboratory burners from JUCHHEIM

on fire since 1927

In addition to optimum burning properties, JUCHHEIM laboratory torches have other advantages that have made them the preferred tool in laboratories worldwide for many decades. The materials and manufacturing techniques used guarantee a long service life. You can feel this from the very first contact.

Due to the heavy cast iron burner base, our laboratory burners achieve maximum stability. On smooth surfaces, our laboratory torches achieve special stability by equipping or retrofitting a suction foot, which virtually eliminates the possibility of unintentional movement of the torch.

The original:
JUCHHEIM Bunsen burner

Flame temperature between approx. 350 and 1,000 °C. 

Also available with DVGW certificate according to DIN 30665 (type designations with DE or DP)

The proven alternative: Teclub torch

Due to the conical air supply, the gases are mixed more intensively than with the Bunsen burner. A maximum flame temperature of up to 1,400 °C is thus achieved.
Also available with DVGW certificate according to DIN 30665 (type designations with DE or DP).

Maximum heating power:

Meker-Fisher burner

Due to the wide burner tube and ceramic nozzles at the outlet, the greatest heating power of all burner types is achieved. Since the heat is not concentrated in one spot, this is the best choice for heating larger vessels. 

Safety first: Safety burner  

Turns off the gas supply as soon as the flame goes out.

Superior temperature:
blower lamp  

Up to 1,900 °C. For laboratory (e.g. for welding thermocouples) or also jewelry production.

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