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Customizable 3D-printed stirrers for investigation, optimization and scale-up processes of batch emulsion copolymerizations

Die Autoren Sven Bettermann, Robin Stuhr, Hans-Ulrich Moritz, Werner Pauer:

"... was accomplished with a laboratory‐scale filtration vessel (2 L) purchased from Karl Kurt Juchheim Laborgeräte GmbH."

Crosslinkable poly(lactic acid)‐based materials: Biomass‐derived solution for barrier coatings

Die Autoren Tuomas Mehtiö,  Adina Anghelescu‐Hakala,  Jonas Hartman,  Vesa Kunnari,  Ali Harlin:

"... LA (1000 g, 10.0 mol), BD (130.0 g, 1.0 mol), IA (90.0 g, 1.0 mol), and Sn(II)oct (0.45 g, 0.05 wt % of LA) were weighed into a Juchheim Laborgeräte GmbH 2‐L batch reactor equipped with a mechanical mixer, a nitrogen inlet, temperature control by oil circulation, and a vacuum pump."

Comparison of direct solvents for regenerated cellulosic fibers via the lyocell process and by means of ionic liquids

Die Autoren D. Ingildeev,  F. Effenberger,  K. Bredereck,  F. Hermanutz:

"The filtration of the low‐viscous spinning dopes was accomplished with a laboratory‐scale filtration vessel (2 L) purchased from Karl Kurt Juchheim Laborgeräte GmbH with a polyester nonwoven fabric with a mesh size of 5 μm at 90°C and 2 bar.

The filtration of the high‐viscous spinning dopes was accomplished with a metallic tissue with a mesh size of 42 μm."

Isotactic polypropylene metal oxide and silica nanocomposites by a two‐step process comprising in situ olefin polymerization and melt compounding

Die Autoren Sven Käselau,  Saskia Scheel,  Linnea Petersson,  Chau‐Hon Ho,  Gerrit A Luinstra:

"Reference iPP and iPP/nanocomposites were synthesized in a 10 L steel reactor (Karl Kurt Juchheim Laborgeräte GmbH). The reactor was kept at 80 °C under a dynamic vacuum (approx. 10−2 mbar) overnight before use."

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